Chetzemoka’s Curse – Dogme #10

Chetzemoka’s Curse


Only the second American Dogme 95 movie, Chetzemoka’s Curse is about a young, twenty-something woman, Maya (Maya Berthoud), who is haunted by the memory of her first love and her subsequent betrayal. She still feels the pain, works to exorcise it as she wiles away her life as a maid in a small town hotel.

But her road to health seems to include passing the bad karma along. She encourages an older married man to run off with her and betray his wife and kids. Betrayal is in the air. Even an itinerant street musician sings about his infidelity. Bottom line, he says, is that he betrayed himself.

A Film By
Maya Berthoud, Morgan Schmidt-Feng, Dave Nold,
Lawrence E. Pado, Rick Schmidt, and Chris Tow

CHETZEMOKA’S CURSE was officially certified as
by the Dogme 95 Secretariat in Denmark

Signers of Dogme 95 Vow of Chastity
Maya Berthoud, Morgan Schmidt-Feng, Dave Nold,
Lawrence E. Pado, Marlon Schmidt,
Rick Schmidt, Chris Tow

Produced By
Morgan Schmidt-Feng and Rick Schmidt

Executive Producer
Rick Schmidt

Morgan Schmidt-Feng

Location Sound Recording
Dave Nold

Chris Tow

Production Assistants
Jessica Gillard and Julie Schachter

Park Music
Joey Gillard and Marlon Schmidt

“Your Name Has a Story”
Written and Performed by Paul Baker

Credits Music
Brandon Quincy Griffin

Restaurant “Forks” Scene
Marlon Schmidt

(in order of appearance)

Steve Roberts
John (Bass Player)
Otis Barr
Sue Roberts
Jessica Roberts
Teenage Girlfriend
Teenage Boyfriend
Travel Agent
Street Musician
Pickup Truck Driver

Maya Berthoud
Adam Kelly-Karagas
Stephen W. Gillard
John Sanders
Otis Roberts
Sue Gillard
Jessica Gillard
Joey Gillard
Alta Gonzales
Matthew Pickard
D. Jean Gilliland
Robert Rutledge
Levi Ross

Real-Life Stories

“First Love”
Maya Berthoud

Adam Kelly-Karagas

“Mother at 19”
Sue Gillard

“Long Distance Relationship”
Jessica Gillard

“Betrayed Myself”
Robert Rutledge

A FW Production © 2000
P.O. Box 1914, Port Townsend, WA 98368, USA

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